Coveting: New Kindle Case

I’ve been debating about buying a new Kindle case for a while. There have been a couple obstacles – number one being that I’ve been wanting to trade in my Kindle 3 for a Kobo Touch. But upon hearing news of a new Kindle tablet from Amazon, I’ve been wondering if they too will release a Kindle touch (rumoured to be released as soon as this fall). And since nice e-book cases don’t come cheap, I’ve postponed my search for a new case.

Some of the really nice cases can run up to $60 and the Kate Spade ones go for $85! Which isn’t that much until you count how many e-books you could have bought instead.

But hey, if I had money to burn on my e-reader, here’s what I’d buy it:

I currently have this adorable cherry patterned GelaSkins – courtesy of Mesh conference. (Ps. Out of all the conferences I’ve been to, Mesh is the only conference I would fork over my own cash to attend. And I’m fantastically frugal.)

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