The Imperfectionists

On a beautiful relaxing vacation to Florida, we found ourselves content by the pool. But we were also really bored. And to make things worse, we had brought reading material that wasn’t doing much for us.

So off to Barnes & Nobles we went in the rental-mobile! I grabbed a book called The Imperfectionists

because the synopsis seemed pretty unusual and the author, Tom Rachman is Canadian and went to the University of Toronto. Whatever, I was desperate to read something good.

Turns out, The Imperfectionists was really, really good. I must have finished it in three days. The book follows a couple of journalists working for an international paper based in Rome. The characters are memorable and you do care when things don’t work out for them. But you also laugh with them through their misadventures, triumphs and uh, revenge tactics. I imagine that Rachman’s story is also pretty honest about how things are for reporters in the field especially during times like these (hint, hint).

Now Rachman has released a short story named The Bathtub Spy – available as a Kindle Single. I was hoping to get my grubby hands on his next novel but a short story will do. What’s up Rachman? Need to pay the bills?

I expect The Bathtub Spy will once again provide for some really intriguing characters. Will report back to the Penguins.

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