During last year’s TEDxToronto, the president of the hospital I used to work for spoke about mental illness. For a few minutes, her named showed up on the Twitter trending list in Toronto! So I took the time send out several emails to friends titled “zomg my pres. is way cooler than your pres.”

But then one of my friends replied to my email with a photo of her boss climbing an ice wall. He was a politician. climbing. an ice wall. on TV. WTF?

ANYWAYS, TEDxToronto is back again and judging by the panel of speakers they’ve already collected, it will most definitely be an inspirational day.

I’m most looking forward to hearing Brandon Hay of Black Daddies Club (BDC) speak. They’re doing some really amazing things in that organization – and they’re doing it in such a smart way by partnering with so many local orgs. Dads in general don’t get much support from the community and when they do, no one ever talks about it. So it’s great that BDC is getting so much media attention.

I’m also looking forward to hearing former Mayor Miller speak. Sure, he wasn’t perfect. But he also didn’t close down libraries. Or shut down TransitCity. Or try to destroy Harbourfront. He also wasn’t Rob Ford. It should be interesting to measure what he says about saving the environment to what he actually accomplished as mayor.

TedxToronto is on September 23rd and if it’s anything like last year, it will be amazing and you’ll be able to watch online (even if you forgot to apply to attend in person).

Photo credits: showbiz411.com


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