The Tiger’s Wife

I picked up The Tiger’s Wife after reading about in a fashion mag and well, because the cover is oh-so pretty! Cover art aside, The Tiger’s Wife is full of Serbian folklore and superstition. The story follows a young doctor who is travelling across the country after the war and vaccinating children. But that’s just the backdrop – the doctor is tracing the steps of her grandfather before his mysterious death.

The doctor retells all the fantastic folklore her grandfather has told her. Now, I might be bias because I love folklore. My grandparents never told me folklore, they told me real, gory stories about the war. If you’re looking to read war fiction, this isn’t the book for you. But if you’re sick of war and just want to hear whimsical stories like the ones parents tell to scare their children to sleep, The Tiger’s Wife won’t disappoint!

There are no surprises in The Tiger’s Wife but I did enjoy the story about the deathless man who is probably the friendliest, funniest version of the grim reaper (oh, but he’s not really the reaper is he?). It’s exactly the kind of novel you would expect to find featured in a girly magazine – pretty and whimsical light reading.

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5 thoughts on “The Tiger’s Wife

  1. I read (and reviewed) this book too.. heard great stuff about it but I just couldn’t get into it unfortunately 😦

    BTW, hello! 🙂 Friend of JY’s who says you’re a fellow book blogger.. Gonna be a WOTS tagalong with you two 🙂

    • Hi Michele!

      I have to admit it took me a while to really get into this book and well, the story never got as deep as I wanted it to. Like you keep waiting for that “ah-ha” moment that never really comes. But I really did like the Deathless Man story. What a quirky character (one to be played by Johnny Depp if this is ever made into a movie!).

      Sweet!! Glad you can join for WOTS – should be a riot. Plus, we always need more hands to help JY lug her books home…


      • YES!! Exactly! The deathless man was probably the most interesting part!

        Did she tell you? WOTS is only on the Sunday and she’s gotta work! 😦 BOoooooo… I’m still aiming to check it out tho! Maybe she can get her shift changed! 😛

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