Favourite Things to do at Word on the Street

This year’s Word on the Street Toronto is on Sunday, September 25th at Queen’s Park! Word on the Street is a festival celebrating authors, books and literacy – and it gets bigger every year. Here’s my favourite things to do at Word on the Street:

1. Give Polkaroo a hug.

An annual TVO presence at Word on the Street means everyone’s favourite polka-dotted kangaroo shows up. That’s right, Polkaroo was there and you missed him again.

2. Find the strangest promo freebies.

Two years ago, I picked up travel tissue packs with Richard Gere’s photo on them. My mom loved them. There’s always the strangest freebies at Word on the Street.

3. Check out independent publishing booths.

Sure, we all love Penguin and all those big guys but it’s refreshing to see what great new stories the little guys are publishing.

4. Subscribe to magazines on the cheap.

Magazines Canada offers discounted magazine subscriptions at their Word on the Street booth. Last year, I subscribed to Toronto Life, French LouLou, L’actualite and Fashion magazine all for $40! They also offer discounted renewals. Word on the Street made me a magazine junkie.

5. Grab a magazine listing.

Ever wanted a complete list of Canadian magazines? I always pick up the updated list of Magazines Canada publications so I can find niche industry mags. I work in PR so I never know when this will come in handy – but you might even find out there’s a whole community of people who share your interests!

6. Visit Victoria College’s used book sale.

This isn’t officially part of Word on the Street but Vic’s used book sale has to be the BEST used book sale I’ve ever been. With multiple rooms piled high with books in the Old Vic building, it’s hard not to find something. Here’s a map to Old Vic (photo below- you’ll have to jaywalk from Queen’s Park) – you’ll thank me later.

Photo credits: lostinsoho.tumblr.com, polkaroo.comseaofshoes.typepad.com


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