Read Before I Go To Sleep before it’s a movie

I began reading Before I Go To Sleep by S. J. Watson with the thought that it would follow the footsteps of The Time Traveller’s Wife. Indeed, the story starts off with the potential of being a beautiful love story proving that love can overcome all sorts of messed-up obstacles. Only then, you discover that this is some kind of messed-up love.

The narrator, Christine Lucas, has a baffling form of amnesia where she loses the last 30 years of memories every time she falls asleep. She wakes up to a stranger in her bed every morning and he reminds he of who she is and who he is. But she discovers some really sinister details with the help of a neurologist that tells her to start writing things down.

Before I Go To Sleep is a page-turner. Don’t read this before bed because you’ll be up at 2 in the morning thinking HOLY SH*T! Sure, parts of it don’t seem very believable. I mean, if you woke up every morning with no memory of the day before, would you really believe the story written in a journal? But suspend your common sense and this story will drive your imagination crazy.

The Time Traveller’s Wife was a beautiful love story with a cheesy ending. Before I Go To Sleep is a sinister thriller with an amazing yet frustrating ending (think Inception). Read this amazing book before they make it into an okay movie – the movie rights have already been sold.

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3 thoughts on “Read Before I Go To Sleep before it’s a movie

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